Darling Companion                        Co-Pilot                               Sony Pictures

Déjà Vu                                             Police Officer                      Touchstone Pictures

House of Payne                               Ms. Graham                        Tyler Perry Studios

Paradise                                           Hand to Hand (Singer)     Showtime


Stevens Henager College                Student                                  Thomas Arts

Aaron’s Furniture                            Featured                                Lance Huber

Comcast                                             Featured                                Craig Flynn

Mazda                                                 Featured                                Patrick Sherman

Check Your Health                           Assistant                               KUTV

Corinthian College                           Store Clerk                            Alan Peterson

Bed Bath & Beyond                          Store Manager                     Craig Flynn

VA Information Security                Employee                              Scott Jackson

Melaleuca                                          Customer Service Rep.      Craig Flynn

Family Time                                      Teacher                                 Scott Feterstone

Novell                                                 Featured                                Michael Oliver




Hesser College


The God Committee                          Nurse Nella Larkin              Centre Stage/Greenville, SC

A Raisin in The Sun                           Beneatha Younger               Babcock Theatre/ Salt Lake City, UT

Damn Yankees                                    Ms. Weston                           St. Louis Black Rep/ St. Louis, MO

Othello                                                  Emilia                                     St. Louis Black Rep/ St. Louis, MO

The Honest to Goodness Truth       Ruthie Mae/Daisy                St. Louis Black Rep/ St. Louis, MO

The Adventures of Brer Rabbit        Brer Wolf                               St. Louis Black Rep/ St. Louis, MO

She Speaks                                           Fannie Lou Hamer               St. Louis Black Rep/ St. Louis, MO

Stump of the Terebinth                     Mother                                    St. Louis Black Rep/ St. Louis, MO

The Holiday Stories                           Sister Winter Wind              St. Louis Black Rep/ St. Louis, MO

The Darker Face of the Earth          Phoebe                                    Drayton Hall Theatre/ Columbia, SC

The Less Than Human Club            Melissa                                    Babcock Theatre/ Salt Lake City, UT



B.A. – Theatre Arts, University of South Carolina, Cum Laude

Private Coaching                             Bob Harter                            YourACT

Audition/Acting Workshop          Jackie Burch

Character Development                Buddy Butler                         St. Louis Black Repertory

Voice/Diction                                  Bill Lynch                               St. Louis Black Repertory

Acting for Camera                           Bill Grivna                             St. Louis Black Repertory

Scene Study                                      Ronald Himes                      St. Louis Black Repertory

Movement                                        Eduardo De La Cruz            California State Hayward



Sing (Soprano), Social Dancing, Writing, Voice Over, Roller-Skating, Swimming, Yoga, Teleprompter, Licensed Driver, Modeling, Southern Dialect, Neutral Dialect, Running, Good with Children & Animals

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