Lorry Houston

As soon as I could walk and talk I remember loving to perform.  If  it involved acting, singing, dancing, or writing I was first to raise my hand.  Then at the tender age of eight my family packed up and moved from Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah………..Yes there are black people in Utah, no I don’t ski, no I’m not Mormon.  Now that we have the top three questions I am asked once it is revealed that I was raised in Utah out of the way I can tell you that growing up there was a culture shock, but the state of Utah provided me with enough writing material to last a couple of life times.

I performed in almost every talent show, musical, play, chorus, and festival any chance that I got.  I had it bad and knew that I had to do this for the rest of my life.  After high school I took the “scenic route” through college and eventually graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Theatre Arts.  After graduating I headed to St. Louis, Missouri for a one year internship with a theatre company.  All I can say about that experience is that if you can do over 130 shows, teach acting workshops, work in the office, set up and take down your own set, travel with seven other people in a very small van, fight off a couple of crack heads, live off of 230.00 dollars a week and leftovers, for 18 hours a day and still want to act you know that you love it for sure.

I do still love to act and have ventured into television, film, print, voice over and of course continue to do theatre.  Some of my favorite projects include Deja Vu, Darling Companion, A Raisin in the Sun, The God Committee, and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.  My next great venture is SHE DID IT! Productions where I plan to take all my crazy experiences over the years and put them in writing and produce them for the world to see. The next great comedy or drama for television and stage could be coming from yours truly.




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